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My Favorite Event: OpenStreetsPGH

Last year was my first time at OpenStreetsPgh. I had not made it to the previous seasons since I was living in Cleveland. I think when I first heard about it, I was a bit skeptical on how this…

Art Neighborhood

Ghost Signs

I have been digging through old photos and gathered up some of my favorite ones of ghost signs that I have taken over the years. The city is evolving so fast with buildings being torn down and new structures…

Interior Neighborhood

WildCard: 8 Years Later

Rebecca Morris is someone I really admire. She has owned and operated WildCard in Lawrenceville since 2009. It’s going strong and continues to grow every year. It’s been amazing to watch her business evolve from a one person operation…

Interior Studio Tour

Warhol Director, Eric Shiner’s Loft

The Andy Warhol Museum has intrigued me ever since I moved to Pittsburgh in 1997. One of my first art class requirements was to visit the museum to see the temporary Salvador Dali exhibit. The Warhol has always inspired…


Toby Atticus Fraley

I put out a call for robots a while back and my friend sent me Toby Atticus Fraley’s name. The robots he creates does not exactly move but I love what he’s doing and the projects are really interesting.…