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Interview with Brush and Pounce

A few years ago a friend introduced me to the work of artist and sign painter Christian Shaknaitis who goes by the business name Brush and Pounce. Eventually through Instagram I found out we both have a deep appreciation…

Interior Studio Tour

Studio Tour With Suzuran Photography

The second you step into Cleveland-based photographer Suzanne Price‚Äôs studio, you get an overwhelming feeling of wonder, and you just know that this is where the magic is made. Suzuran, a name that refers to the Japanese term for…

Interior Studio Tour

Warhol Director, Eric Shiner’s Loft

The Andy Warhol Museum has intrigued me ever since I moved to Pittsburgh in 1997. One of my first art class requirements was to visit the museum to see the temporary Salvador Dali exhibit. The Warhol has always inspired…