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Neighborhood Road Trip

My Road Trip Across the Country

In July I celebrated my one year anniversary of driving across the country. I’m celebrating it because I never thought I would drive that far nor did I ever have the desire to. By mid 2017 I had been…


My Favorite Event: OpenStreetsPGH

Last year was my first time at OpenStreetsPgh. I had not made it to the previous seasons since I was living in Cleveland. I think when I first heard about it, I was a bit skeptical on how this…

Art Neighborhood

Ghost Signs

I have been digging through old photos and gathered up some of my favorite ones of ghost signs that I have taken over the years. The city is evolving so fast with buildings being torn down and new structures…

Interior Neighborhood

WildCard: 8 Years Later

Rebecca Morris is someone I really admire. She has owned and operated WildCard in Lawrenceville since 2009. It’s going strong and continues to grow every year. It’s been amazing to watch her business evolve from a one person operation…

Architecture Neighborhood

Slow Down and Explore!

When I moved to Cleveland, I felt like I needed to quickly jump in and know everything right away. I get lost often, I don’t have many pals yet, and I haven’t found my go-to spots. After rethinking it,…