My Favorite Event: OpenStreetsPGH

Last year was my first time at OpenStreetsPgh. I had not made it to the previous seasons since I was living in Cleveland. I think when I first heard about it, I was a bit skeptical on how this would work? How will they manage to get all the cars off these routes for a day? Well, they do and it’s become one of my favorite events!

This great even is hosted by BikePgh and it’s FREE! You can walk, bike, skate, run, take a class, shop, drink beer and basically do whatever you feel like along the streets. My favorite activity is biking or walking. I managed to make it to a couple of them last year with my girlfriend and we walked the entire route.

Mario Zucca create awesome graphics for 2018. Image is courtesy of Mario Zucca

As you may or may not know, I love taking photos of houses and buildings so this is the perfect opportunity. It feels like the streets become our playground and it’s so nice to experience them in a different way. We become so use to sitting in traffic that you don’t get to really look around and enjoy the little things.

Row houses in Uptown

Little building in Uptown, i’m curious as to what this was.

Hot Metal bridge, we took the long way.

A rare site, Dee’s Cafe, no cars in front!


Love this little camper

Beautiful houses in Uptown

This photo is from OpenStreetsPgh

The next OpenStreetsPgh event is coming up this month on June 24th. I recommend checking out their site for all the activities they have going on and for the route map. I’m excited to see what’s in store for this year.

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