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I have been digging through old photos and gathered up some of my favorite ones of ghost signs that I have taken over the years. The city is evolving so fast with buildings being torn down and new structures going up, the past begins to fade a little. A lot of the signs you see below are gone or torn down.

I do appreciate that some local artists have brought back the craft of sign painting. I am noticing so many good ones on new restaurants, shops and breweries in our area. Still, when I come across a ghost of these sign, I feel inspired. Here are a few from my archives:

The Bank Center, Downtown Pittsburgh.

Dimling’s sign, located downtown in the alley between Liberty and Penn. Dimling’s Candy shops existed from 1875 to 1952

Not sure what this says but it’s located in Sharpsburg

Your Self Storage, located across the East End Co-Op. This is being torn down.

Westmoreland Grocer, located in Uniontown, PA

Remember Revco? This one is located in Uniontown, PA

This one is in Philly

Located Sixth and Penn Downtown, this was a ghost sign until the new owners decided to revamp it.

Near 1st and 2nd avenue Downtown


Torn down, located in East Liberty.

US Livery, this was once a stable, now it’s a flower shop in Uniontown, PA

My favorite! This one was tagged and is now covered up in Polish Hill.

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