Contemporary Home In Lawrenceville

This beautiful, contemporary home is that of Andrew Moss, owner of mossArchitects and his family. It’s located in the heart of Lawrenceville where transformation is taking place every time you turn the corner. You might wonder why it looks so different from the other homes in the area and that is because Andrew built it from the ground up. We took a few before photos and visited the home after it was done.

I visited and took a couple before photos to check out their process.

The banister was also made by Colin Carrier

I could not get over the transformation from seeing the bare walls and now it was a stunning, warm, and inviting space. Andrew and his family already lived in the neighborhood before purchasing this plot of land. Their vision was to have their home feel very modern and open. The entire family had a say on the design, paint colors and materials that were used throughout.

The kitchen cabinets are made of Rosewood and the cabinet boxes were purchased from Ikea. I love the contrast between the dark wood and the white used throughout.

All through the home they used different types of wood on the ceiling, floors and walls. What was the reason for this? “I wanted there to be a juxtaposition between super clean lines and having a warm feel to the home,” says Andrew. It’s amazing how the hall looks as if it was painted by just using all the different types of wood.

Their roof has a beautiful view of their neighborhood and you are able to see all the rooftops in Lawrenceville. They are also planning on creating a rooftop garden.

I want to thank Andrew and his family for inviting us into their home and showing us around. If you want to view more of Andrew’s work, visit his site mossArchitects.

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