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  • Art Neighborhood

    Ghost Signs

    I have been digging through old photos and gathered up some of my favorite ones of ghost signs that I have taken over the years. The city is evolving so fast…

  • Interior Neighborhood

    WildCard: 8 Years Later

    Rebecca Morris is someone I really admire. She has owned and operated WildCard in Lawrenceville since 2009. It’s going strong and continues to grow every year. It’s been amazing to watch…

  • Design

    Tilth Designs

    I have always wanted to garden but I never know how to get started. To my excitement, my friend Kyle Pattison who runs Hazelwood Urban Farms has started Tilth Designs. Kyle…

  • Architecture Interior

    Giovannitti House

    The Giovannitti house is one of the most unique structures we have here in Pittsburgh. I’ve been fascinated by it since I first saw it a few years ago. It was…